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December 27, 2012


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Good news!!! Kittys Have gone to a foster home!!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 27, 2012, 3:32 PM

This is them please take a look at the gallery.…

This the last of the boys thet will be seen. On their long car ride to there foster home.

Here is even the little clips I made sorry it wasnt long. Q a Q

We went an retrieved the boys they were such champs didn't make one peep, on the long car ride over to there foster house. I have some pictures the foster parent was very sweet I wish I could met the women I spoke with. But she seemed to be busy for the day. I regret to say I didn't get any of them out the cage. Yes I know but I sat in the foster house explaining for over 35 minutes handing food litter and the money over  to the foster parent about them petting them. I kinda didn't want to let them go, but knowing this people with several other foster kitties that seemed friendly weren't going to hurt them. He was very kind listened and petted them. They were so scared when we took them out the cage they huddled up on his couch there faces pressed together. He sat right down with them started playing his game again they would eventually move and explore once they felt comfortable not once did he force them. I can say this was sad to see them so scared. But understanding how there life was its rational to say they have right to be.  I will upload a clip and some pictures while on the car ride over. It will take me a few Im kinda relaxing. it was long day! Thank you so much for everyone that stood by my side gave thoughtful praise and blessings and help. Especially to the people who donated, you did so much for this kitties! This little boys will never be forgotten and will have the home and love that was meant for all animals.  Thank you thank you thank you!!!  



This are the people that helped this kitties get a second chance at life!!!

:spotlight-left:*lists of names from kind souls that have helped I cant say it enough Thank you thank you QAQ*:spotlight-right:
kylielow096 Donated money
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WhiteLotusStables Donated Money!!
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I need to home two little brother kittens 4 months old Quickly there life's are in Danger I fear they wont be alive by the end of January they are the sweetest kittens ever.. Spook and Scardy

Here is the story I do not live at my mothers house anymore haven't for years.  My brother was unable to take his cat with him to his new home decided to best leave her.  My sister  later got married to the Sun of a bitch.  After my brother had  moved. The man she married was a big fake started beating on her and most of the animals. Long story short he really disliked my brothers cat he tired to get rid of her cat. Because of my brother/ family would have had a fit if he had taken he threw the front door, he decided on tossing her out the bathroom window. Were the cat stayed most of the time because she spray and yowl. "Please note this is the ground floor" He knew she was in heat didn't care he wanted her out, within a while it didn't take long for her to become pregnant. When my sister called me about them I had come down to search for this babies.
She had had the litter of kittens in my mothers non used garage. I went on the hunt it didn't take long to know were they were, but I was on a schedule had stayed a week and a half I did not have time to stay over there. So my sister and her husband, who volunteered to help, get them out the garage which had black widows and other not so friendly creatures. It wasn't a place for tiny babies. My mother said they become feral without human contact was the whole reason they were removed. Placed in the same bathroom with their mother for awhile.

A couple weeks later the kittens were about a month maybe even less by the time my sister called said two of the kittens had vanished out of the bathroom. No one had seen them gone without a trace. I feared the worst and came down and searched everywhere for this missing kittens. Not to say I didn't know who was the one to blame for it. I asked everyone no one knew what happened or how they got out of a closed door closed window bathroom.

After a few months about 2 months of the kittens being in the bathroom the let them out closing the stay for the mom and kittens. She once again not being spayed had another litter of kittens. I cant say when they were born since I was not there this time. :note: This is why cats should always be fixed females can continue to have litters after litters. Anyways my sister once again called me about a new litter of kittens this time they did not take them into the house. They left her and them outside this time for there own reasons.  A couple of weeks later I went to visit my family on that side of town. The mother and new batch of babies were gone. Not like before all of them  I never even got to see them. To say the least I know what had happened to them.  I questioned everyone even her husband who claims I took them and dropped them of with the crazy cat lady. Just as he had claimed he had no idea were the kittens from before were. I knew it was bullshit.  But there was nothing I could do I looked around once again but nothing. By this time her other batch of babies the two that were left were inside outside and being taken care of.

This is months later about two please bear with me.  On the 26 of December as I was spending Christmas with my family when I first arrived I could see one of the kittens I had previously named Spook was being abused he hobbled to me for loves and pets his eye crusted half open and swollen. I was in rage and started again asking everyone what happened. At least no one would say who did it was the question. He once again claimed with a bullshit story "he got hit by a car". But he couldn't tell me when what color car what day nothing or why he watched him get be hit by car do nothing.  My younger sister finally told me the truth about the missing kittens.  He  had went to my old room which is the tallest in the house it is two stories tall over looking a 50 foot drop to concrete, he decided to drop them out.  She says he claims they bothered him with their mewing.

Please note this  :pointr: I won't call aspca :pointl:
Not because I just wont, Please read and understand the situation at hand.

They will cease all the animals my mother sisters and adopted brother not the same one that moved out.  Will all be charged with fines I don't think its fair for them to have to take the punishment for him. They are frightened of this man this is why no one will do anything or tell me the truth about things.

I am in a Bind I only Have 70$ this is my own money with out a job Ive saved from selling things I own and a small allowance. The apartment I live at doesn't care that the animals are being abused refuses to let me shelter them. I know alone this money wont cover the costs for Spooks vet bills let alone there shots and neutering, so that they can find a home.

I am looking and have been searching for shelters that are no kill that will take both Scardy and Spook to help them find forever homes the only resources I seem to be coming up  with is Craigslist <--- no animal horror stories!  human society  <--- I hate kill shelters the needlessly put animals down. They all have certain time limits. Animals that are injured to severely will be put down to cover the cost it takes to get veterinary help. Spook might share the fate of being put down because of his injuries being so bad.  Its easier to put him down then to pay 200/500 $ too fix his leg and help his eye, along with shot and neutering.

I live in Gilbert Arizona if anyone can find me links and sites possibly numbers I can call, for non kill shelters or foster homes.  That will taken in both of this brothers together, and get Spook the help and love he needs please and I don't like hand outs or begging. But I guess a donation box is begging :/ please understand Its optional you don't have to give money.  

And that plan didnt work out, has been moved to tomorrow the Foster Mama Papa wasn't answering their phone so we couldn't give the kitties to anyone. So if we drove down there and back we would have to re drive back to that house. Which would be a giant mess. :c The owner said she might have to drive down from Tuscon her self. I feel bad but you gotta do what you gotta do.  O n O When you need something done its best done by yourself.
All the things to get the kitties are in the trunk waiting O 3 O Tomarrow it iss!!!

Today is the day were we are going down pickings up the kitties and Sending them to their foster/ Mama Papa house after that they will be taken to Tuscon Arizona to get adopted !!!!! YAY IM SO EXCITED!!! I am gonna take a quick video of when we get the kitties and me petting them letting them say hello to you guys. > 7 < cant wait !!!!!!!!!

If you like a update please read here!
Screw what I just said I had not checked my email after dinner!!! Guess what a shelter located in Tuscon Arizona will take the Kitties!!!!! Will cover all care and expenses! I will be forking over the cash "donation money plus my own" and some cat food and cat litter to help out. Omgh Im so out breath from just sheer excitedness!! This makes me so happy!! They are going to arrange a pick up point for me and my dad to take the kittens too.. I cant say it enough Im so happy this little guys will get the love and care that they need omgh!!!! here take a look Sorry I blanked out names and emails just for spam and safety purposes!! Q7Q  <3333  

So I went today to make a appointment called and everything… here it list shots and vaccinations prices even a package deal. I was super excited. All together the shots would have cost 55$ for the three singles. So anyways I call, say I like to make a appointment for vaccinations. You know what she told me we don't do that. It blatantly says it all over your website. When I questioned here she said well we don't do them. I asked why have it listed she wouldn't tell me decided to go on about we only do them if we are spaying/neutering the owners dog.<--- WTF Does that have to do with your site having misleading bullshit on it. >:I I asked her again she told me the same bullshit story again like a fucking moron.  Anyways because of the Petco down there in phoenix had different hours then most of the other petco clinics times. Its on a Thursday QAQ Im trying to get my dad to take me Since they open at three. Hopefully he will had enough sleep from working all night the other day.

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AntiGravityFox Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm glad they finally got to go to a good home! ^^

I reblogged this too XD
XXArekushisuXX Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:D yesss its wonderful.
vanilleass Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist


XXArekushisuXX Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Not for me the kittyes but yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so yay Q 7 Q <333
leadmare56 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
What area do you live in? If it's near me, I can show you to the local Animal Shelter. They are NOT an ASPCA organization, will take the kittens for FREE. And the good news is (I'm a volunteer there) they have no available kittens and they have about 8 families looking for one. They'd definitely get good homes.
XXArekushisuXX Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow that sounds great QAQ I live in Gilbert Arizona they are located down town Phoenix Arizona. I contacts other groups have been just waiting for a response after the emailed me o I have given them my phone number its nerve racking..
leadmare56 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Damn. I live in Greensburg, Indiana. Hm. I'd LOVE to help. Would donating pictures help? Like, pictures to be bought? And have you tried contacting your local shelter? There HAS to be another one, besides the SPCA
XXArekushisuXX Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes I ve connects serveral of them and have been waiting for a email back i have like 10 :s they are taking so long to respond. QAQ Why does it seem that when everyone trys to help have just what I need they are in different states QnQ
leadmare56 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I get that all the time. At the shelter, I've succeeded in rehoming a dog and a kitten, all on my own. The kitten was going to be euthanized, but I told the manager that I might have a home for him. My mom said no, and my cat at my dad's house would've FREAKED. So, feeling awful, I posted fliers about him (his name was Trouble) and my manager gave him a week. Four days later, a woman from Wyoming came in to the state visiting family. He went home with her on the seventh day. The dog (a blue heeler bitch named Spots), I sponsored (payed half of the adoption fee) and a local family took her home. She and I were in the paper together, that's how they knew about her. Now she lives four doors down on the next street over from me. In other words: I love helping animals.
Let me see what I can do to help. The kittens are in Phoenix, you say??
XXArekushisuXX Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes they are in Phoenix I live in gilbert.
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